Old-age and expectations goes hand in hand

“Old age” is a word which comes to our mouth as soon as we see a new born baby. “Yahi hamare budape ka sahara banega”. But prior to that, probably all of us keep reminding oneself ‘Oh! I am still young.’

The fact is, with the birth of a child, expectations from him/her are also born and we nourish these expectation along with that child. That child grows up, becomes a father/mother and then a grandfather/grandmother. So does our expectations. They also grow with age. Only the thing changes is the subject of expectations.

If you really analyze, our behavior changes along with our expectations from a person. When a person grows old, we really don’t care about him, but we expect him to give us his entire savings during his last time. Some of us also expect him/her not to interfere in our life.

But have we ever thought that do we treat that old person in same way as we used to do when he was young and was like all time money for us?

If our expectation never dies then why does our good behavior for that person dies?

If our expectation grows with age, why doesn’t the respect and love for that person grows with his age?

And I see the heights when some people throw their old parents at old age home and expect them to never come back…

Thankfully, I am definitely not like that because my parents age and my expectation are equally respected. Both have grown old and I am taking care of both of them.

About PGC

A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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