Human Revolution 1: Love Your Work


Method of leading a stress free day is to work with love.

My day begins at 7.30 a.m almost every day and I really have to fight my laziness and sleepiness to wake up even at those early hours. The funny thing is, it is too early for some and very late for others. What is it for you, early or late?

Even if I am awake at 7.30 a.m., I feel like buying more time, say 5 min or 10 min to sleep more and that little nap in those quick minutes is addictive isn’t it? Finally, when the hour hand of the clock reaches to 8.00, I start making up my mind to leave the cosiness of my bed though it’s partially done.

Well, it happens almost every day. I am sure it happens with you too. Could you tell, what thought crosses your mind while sitting on your bed and searching for your slippers even if it is place right in front of you ? At times, our eyes look back at the round gadget hanging on the wall that controls our life. But we are engrossed in some thoughts. What are those thoughts about?

And after a minute or two, we finally leave the bed and declare a rush hour. During my rush hour, I seriously don’t get extra time to spend on commode, or apply hair conditioner, or drink 2 glasses of water or to exercise. My tasks runs in parallel like tea pot on the gas stove, running tap water, taking out cloths for office, organising my bag, cleaning and organising the bed, bathing, make-up, mantra chanting etc and suddenly I hit the road and rush towards the office so that I am on time.

So, this is how my day starts and by the time it ends, I have quite some of hatred for my boss or a colleague, stressed out as I may have missed my deadline, yelling at a client for not clarifying his needs properly, traffic jam and what not. Does it happen with you too?


We find ourselves doing several things which we don’t like throughout the day. It could be like boring task in office or may be going to office, cooking as usual, facing a person whom we feel like slapping, wearing same old fashion cloth and many more. As soon as the thought of such a task comes in our mind we tend to feel heavy which makes even the simplest thing seem very difficult. That means it creates stress in our mind. Do you know that we create stress for ourselves? Nobody gifts it to us. Like, I told you how I create stress for myself.


Before we are going to start some task which we don’t like, we need to train ourselves to think of something positive in it. When we train ourselves to love the task we will be able to do it with lightness.

After I have told to myself while meditating that I need to wake up at 6.30 a.m. to meet my daily morning chores on time.  I love my job because it respects and honours my calibre. I love my boss because he hired me for this job and he appreciate my work and effort. His feedbacks help me in my growth. I love my colleague because I spend my entire day with them, laugh with them and work with them. My life has changed. I live a stress free life.

Om Shanti

About PGC

A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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2 Responses to Human Revolution 1: Love Your Work

  1. punit says:

    really niceone panctapa keep it up ||||

  2. Rajiv says:

    One is Rahul Gandhi another is you…. Jai ho!

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