Two beautiful people were born,
They were born to meet each other. 

He was a soldier and she was a beauty.

Time and ignorance kept them apart for years.
Then cupid chose an old man to play his role
And hit them at the right time.

The cupid struck them
And their eyes met.

Roads were filled with petals of roses for her
And he was always flying in clouds.

He was a charmer 
And she was a desire.

Then they decided to tie the knot
The knot of life together.

Hoping to spend her life with her beloved,

She looked forward to the D-day
when he would come to take her along forever
Away from this to that world.
The world of love and life…

Where they would be together forever,

Neither time nor duty could ever come in between.

The where only they lived and lived their love.

The D-day came

She stood there waiting,

Waiting in the beautiful traditional red sari,
but he did not come,

She waited and waited,

But he was not there…

About PGC

A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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