Every Time, it is True Love

Hey! I am 33 today. Wow! I really didn’t realise that I am growing old.
But trust me, nobody believes that I am in my early 30’s.
At times, I too doubt if I am really a woman or a witch. Perhaps my short haircut, athlete figure, and hardcore tomboy attitude keeps me young and sought after. But wait! I am no more looking for fling stuff. It really never worked for me. I have been waiting to fall in love truly, madly, and deeply.
As a traditional practice, when you don’t have any partner, your parents start
looking for a match. It happened with me too. My parents wanted a high status bong Brahmin boy. His family background was the most important factor for them than the guy’s nature. Well, I had different criteria. Being a Sagittarius woman, I always had an upper hand on my so called short term relationships.But I certainly want my husband to have an upper hand. Somehow, bong guys don’t fit there. I think, first they are controlled by their mother and then by their wife. Bullshit. Moreover, bong Brahmin boys are a tough breed to get in the market these days. I guess, they are out of stock. They are the most sought after breed for the north Indian girls because the north Indian men are big time MCP’s (Male Slovenliness Pigs).
Hmm, so, arrange marriage too didn’t work for me and my parents too got tired of their groom hunt gradually. One day, my father even scolded me. “Can’t you find a guy for yourself? Look around, your cousins are doing love marriage and you are useless.” He was really out of his mind that day but I got an official license of having a boyfriend. I was happy.After taking and giving some matrimony interviews, I thought of taking break and to enjoy my single hood  The best way to do that was to travel. Tigress had already tasted man blood. During that period, I traveled a lot. I bunked my offices, left my project deadlines behind and roared car’s wheel to all virgin places.
At times I was working in the car and delivering tasks. I don’t know how
many times I lied to my project manager that my father or my cousin or I was hospitalised. Hey! I am a very good actress BTW, Sagittarius trait dude. But those 2 years were amazing when I only traveled, came back, worked like a dog or say ass and again packed my bags. I was travelling almost after every 2 or 3 months. I also wrote travel logs and was very much contended.
My family again started to worry. “You need a partner. You will feel different when you travel with your husband.” said my aunt and almost everyone.
Yeah,it made sense. I too felt lonely at times and emotionally drenched. I needed that strong shoulder and arms with my copy right. So the hunt began. By now I was 29. I had certainly matured and was ready to be in a relationship.One day my elder sister introduced me to the matrimony sites. I got my profile opened on a few matrimony sites. God! Traffic flow was huge. Lot of requests flooded on a day or two. I browsed and shortlisted a few guys. I rejected some,and some rejected me. In fact, whoever I sent a request, almost 90% rejected me. The kind of profile to which I sent request were either artists or from media. The kind of deep and intense look of their face and their thought s impressed me. They were the intellectual bong breeds. I came to know that I easily fall for such breeds.
Anyway, perhaps, I didn’t fit in their criteria. My criteria of rejection were the writing style of introduction, photo, and income of course.But I started chatting with a few guys. The next phase was to exchange numbers and communicate over phone. The first guy I communicated with looked young in the profile pic. As per his profile, he was 3 years elder to me and lived in Dubai. He was a professor and Brahmin too. I was okay with that.But as we started communicating, I came to know that he was 50 year old and guess what???? You won’t believe dude, he offered me to be a surrogate mother for his child. God! How I wished my hands were as long as laws hand (kanun ke haath lambe hote hei, a popular bollywood dialog). I would have sent them to Dubai and chopped his dick. Next thing I did was to block him from everywhere.I seldom logged in matrimony sites after that. I was scared.
Everything was super fake in virtual world. After few months, I came across another bong guy.The first time I spoke with him, he could read my mind. He knew what kind of person I was. He was sitting somewhere in Germany, never saw me ever and he knew I was a tomboyish. It was a big time wow for me. I was impressed.I even added him on facebook. He could tell what kind of person I was looking at my photos. I was damn impressed by him. He looked good, was tall, super intelligent, and most important he understood me well. ‘He is the one’ I

thought.I really got unsettled after I spoke to him for the first time. It was a good feeling. I was always emotionally high whenever we spoke. He was coming to India and I was very much eager to meet him. I was sure that I was finally in love. My family members also noticed the change in me and had positive hopes.
Finally, the D-day came and we met at GIP. Dude, it clicked. We liked each other and we kept on meeting. Soon, he introduced me to his parents and so did I. Things were moving perfectly.We started spending more time together. During this courtship period, my smile started to faint gradually every time I met him. I could see an eccentric man behind a genius mask
. One day scolded me because I couldn’t reply that
a pressure cooker whistles because of some physics factor. Another prime fact or usually for our quarrel was why
I don’t
remember what I have read in class V or VII.G uess, what??? I wasted 1 year of my life studying that man. I wanted to his level of eccentricity. And he knew it very well that I met him not because I loved him but to check his and observe his madness. He was so true. I told you right, he knew me too well. He knew that I was a silent observer. I left him.Then, the hunt slowed down. I took a break as it was hard to leave him and to decide that I can not marry him. After that day I spoke with few other guys too from matrimony site
. But that didn’t last for too long.
Few were sex maniacs and for few I was just an option. But I even met guys who were really good and I felt that I was again in love. After 2 or 3 meeting, the differences were very

much prominent and couldn’t materialize.
 And you know what? This is just not my story, perhaps every second or third girl

story in metros.I still wait to 
fall in love, madly, truly, and deeply
and perhaps I feel I am in true love always.

About PGC

A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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