Human Revolution 2: Don’t Blame Others


When there is positivity within, negative can not disturb us.

Positivity and optimism has become a fashion trend these days. I end up seeing almost 35% or a little more people talking about being optimistic in a day. Not to go far, few in my friend circle are very good example.

As an active listener, I listen to all gyan (Knowledge) they share about being optimist. Yes, “The Secret” and “Magic”of Rhonda Bryne is the current fever in my peer group these days. We have started calling one of my friends as RB who is a very active reader of RB’s books. Anyway, she reads it and share the knowledge with us almost 10 times a day.

And I always promote meditation. I have seen changes in myself after practising meditation for 40 mins a day. It helps me in introspection and I get answer to all the questions I have. It’s simply wow! It’s an addiction. It also helped me imbibing positivity as my default setting. Anyway, my RB friend also practices meditation, at least she says so. I too saw change in her attitude and was happy with her spiritual growth.

But one day, when I spoke to her, she talked nothing but only shit. She vent out all negative energy she had. I found her sailing on the river with negative waves. Where was the positivity gone? Was she our Rhonda Bryne? Actually, she had lost her job and was unable to accept it. After this incident, she even had some tiff in her relationship and got more negative and what not. So, where did the positivity go?

Has it happened with you ever?


When we have negative thoughts, we usually blame the people around us, or the situations. Like, my RB friend blamed me for passing the negative energy to her. Well, the only thing I did was, I showed her the reality when she got the second warning from her boss regarding the quality of work she was giving. Then, I told her the actual feeling her boyfriend has towards her. That’s it.

I strongly think that it’s good to be optimist but one must not ignore the reality too. Let’s say, if I want to become Miss Universe and be strongly optimist about it, can I really become miss universe?  No…never….

Well, we give justification for our thoughts and behaviour and actually make no attempt to change them. And we constantly find ourselves disturbed by all that happens.  The same thing happened with my RB friend.

Can you connect with similar incidents in your life? I am sure you do…


In the most negative situation, we must have the practice of finding something positive. This will enable us to maintain our positive thoughts and keep us open to learning from every situation that comes our way.

Like, when my friend got the first warning from her boss, rather than getting depressed about the fact of getting warning, she should have taken that feedback on a positive note of self improvement and should have worked upon her weak areas. This would certainly help her in future.


Optimism is not a fashion trend. It’s a part of your behaviour and attitude. You need to practice it daily and should have it as your default setting. Every situation has some positivity in it. Rather than having an eye for negative things, start looking for positivity around you.

Om Shanti

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2 Responses to Human Revolution 2: Don’t Blame Others

  1. says:

    This blog was… how do I say it? Relevant!
    ! Finally I have found something that helped me.
    Appreciate it!

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