Art of Giving

Few days back I was at Jaipur, our so called Pink city. But where was the Pink??? Anyway, it was scorching heat and dry. I almost poured half of my body lotion to keep away from the dryness. But I must admit, the city attracts. For what reason I have no clue but I end up going there often.

Anyway, thats not what I wanted to write about. There we went to drink Lassi, a juice made with curd. It could be sweet and salty. I like salty and spicy. The lassi corner is the famous one at Jaipur. There I saw a poor lady, must be in her 40’s, wearing soiled ghagra (traditional long skirt worn by Rajasthani ladies) and covering her head with a dirty stoll. Her complexion was dark but yet I saw something on her face, may be her motherly affection. She was begging for herself and her son who was with her. He must have been around 10 year old, wearing full sleeved soiled shirt and a half pant. His hair was dry and brittle as they could be but again there was sweetness behind all this.  

I couldn’t take off my eyes from them and she was begging for money from me. I looked at the boy who was least bothered on what his mother was doing and was busy looking at the people at that corner especially on foot wears perhaps because he had none to wear.

I bought 2 big glasses of lassi and gave it to them. The mother couldn’t stop showering her blessing on me. Her face lit up with smile. She gave one to her son and insisted to drink it fast. The boy took it from her hand and shied away as our eyes met.  They seemed to be contented not with the hunger perhaps the desire of tasting the lassy which they couldn’t have afforded ever. It only costed Rs. 35 pr glass to me but for them it could have been a lot.

I couldn’t stop myself from capturing the emotion and expression on my camera. Here I am sharing it with you. Image


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