Human Revolution – 3: Pray for Others


Law of Attraction says that whatever we think gets manifested in reality.

It’s damn true. Last year, on one of my photos on the facebook, the maximum comments that I got was “Do you have Jaundice?”   ‘Jaundice! What crap’ I thought but that day onward the word Jaundice was imbibed in my sub-conscious mind. More often I would think like “what will happen if I have jaundice, what are its symptoms, what will I eat and bla..bla… And guess what!!! I manifested Jaundice on 4th January 2012 and that too Hep E. Goshhhh I could have thought of becoming Miss. Universe.

After that incident, many similar incidents happened with me back to back that justified this law of attraction. Being a human, I can certainly not escape the negative thought even though very lesser in quantity but yes I end up thinking a bit negative. Though meditation has helped a lot but there is a long way to go.

Then I discussed this issue with a friend of mine who is into Buddhism practice. She told me to pray for others. We certainly don’t pray negatives for others. That way we will forget about ourselves and our energy will be channelized. This will even bring good karmas for us.

True. It worked. Now I pray for my friends and needy. I always think of positive things for myself and then I don’t really keep thinking about it like how will I get it and what will happen after that etc.

So, praying for others is a bonus for me. You too start doing it. It will add to your good karmas and will also channelize your focus.

Om Shanti

About PGC

A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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