Destiny – A loser’s choice

I have noticed people around me who all have jumped into spirituality are in 30’s. Most of the people I said. What’s so special in being 30?

By the age of 30, almost 90% of the people, who are lucky enough, encounter the various tastes of life. Are they dissatisfied with their life? Yes, almost 75% are. They have no clue for why they are here on earth. Isn’t that strange? They live their life just for the sake of living it. And they blame everything that happened to them on destiny.

Destiny, such a small word for escapism, isn’t it? At least I call it that way. If something bad has happened in my life it is because I chose it. Perhaps I did not perform the cost benefit analysis properly. I did not look at the trade-offs closely.  That made me a looser. Therefore, I made my destiny.

All bloggers who have read this post please wake up. This is a wakeup call. Don’t blame destiny for anything. You are the CEO of your life. Just keep your senses and brain running. It will work my friend.

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2 Responses to Destiny – A loser’s choice

  1. Anupadin says:

    Great post !!!

    I think most of us realise, by the age of thirty, that sex, drugs and rock & roll do not constitute a full and meaningful life. In my own case, I kept making the same mistakes, over and over, the result of my karma as it turned out. As soon as I found Buddhism, or it found me, I was able to learn how to break the cycle and move on, which has literally life changing.

    Buddhism is all about taking responsibility for your own actions and not trying to blame things on bad luck or on other people. When you discover that you are actually the captain of your own destiny, you can steer your life in the direction you want to go.

    Namaste ~ Anupadin

    • Panchtapa says:

      I liked what you wrote: As soon as I found Buddhism, or it found me…true..both of us need to find each other and it happens only when the time is right my friend. Thank you.

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