That Uncle

Something very sad happened today. I was very happy when I started from my home. After reaching office I checked my facebook and one post caught my attention. Here it is….


His name is Mr. P.V.Sahariya, he sells small puppets at New Delhi’s Connaught Place Blocks A, B or C. He has just crossed 70 years. He used to have a steady job, with steady income, but for the sake of his only son’s marriage in 2004, he took voluntary retirement, invested all the money he’d got in gifting his son and his newly wedded wife a house during marriage. His son worked in a multinational in US, and two years later in 2006, Mr. Sahariya got the sad news that his son died in a car crash, which was so severe that the dead body was not in a position to be recognized. For months, they kept hoping that their son would come back. But that didn’t happen. Mr. Sahariya’s wife has gotten mentally imbalanced following the son’s death. Mr. Sahariya’s only hope, only support, his only son had passed away. But misfortune didn’t stop there. After the death of his son, who he had gifted a house from his entire savings, his daughter-in-law and her family took control, kicked him and his family out. One of the gravest mistakes that he’d done was that he gifted the house in the name of his son and his wife, which the widowed wife’s family took full advantage of.

Mr. Sahariya travels to CP from his ancestral town Bahadurgarh(two hours away) on train everyday in the evening and sells those small puppets at 45 rupees each, managing to sell a little over 50 each day. He isn’t able to walk properly, now he sits and sells. He gets just five rupees per puppet, with a daily income of only around 250 rupees, half of which gets spent in travel. He has knocked on doors of many organizations for elderly but they all have offered sympathy, but not any help. He despises media people for they exploit his vulnerability – they come, get a story out of him, leave without ever inquiring about him twice. There have been people who exploited his vulnerability on social media, ran indiegogo campaigns to raise money for him, the money which never reached him, he tells me.

He called me around a month ago as he needed some financial support to undergo a knee operation; thanks to a friend, I could manage to help him with half the money. He’s in a deep financial crisis and his ailing health only adds to his misery. He still needs financial support. If you are in Delhi, I would sincerely urge you to go and meet him as and when you can, and offer whatever little support you can. I have his phone number, which I can give as and when required by you (just drop me a message). He would be found in CP block A,B or C most often in evenings. He is open to accept gracious help, just make sure you don’t sound pitiful.

Help him..he is our parents age.

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