Human Revolution 4: Look out for Positivity in Everything


Today morning, one of my colleagues reached late. She didn’t look normal when she entered. I kept watching her. She was drowned in her own world and ignored my morning wish. I kept observing. After a while she herself walked to me and said that she has witnessed  an accident. Two speeding car had a head-on-collision. She ran to help the injured. The person of one car survived uninjured. The other man in the other car who was old enough, got stuck inside the car . His seat got jammed. He was immobile and under shock. She tried to take him out but he was not responding. She looked if he was injured or not but there was not a single scratch. Later crowd gathered and she left the spot for the office.

“ I really have a bad day today. The morning is not good at all.” She murmured in saddening voice. Then she narrated the entire story. I could understand what she was going through. She had created a world of dismay already for herself by her thoughts and it was reflecting in her behaviour and face.

“What positivity did you see in this episode?” I asked.

She did not listen to what I said and became more restless. I repeated my question again to which she listened this time. She thought for a while and answered“ Both survived without a single scratch”.

“So is it a good news or bad news?” I asked.

She understood what I meant and smiled. But she forgot to Thank me. Anyway, no hard feelings. I see her enthusiastic and normal as ever now.

The moral of the story is: We create our surrounding, our day by our thoughts. Thoughts are nothing but arrangement of ideas to be precise. Its how you perceive things. You choose negative thoughts and make the day sad for you. You choose positive thoughts and make the day positive for you. Its your choice. Try to look for positivity in everything. As I always say, Make positivity your default setting.

Om Shanti

About PGC

A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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