Is being a girl a CURSE these Days…WHY DO YOU TREAT US AS A SEX OBJECT

Again a new rape case. This time, the victim is a 5 year old girl. Did she provoke the rapists in her little frock?


Are men insane these days? After raping the girl, they inserted candles and small bottle inside her…..what were they trying to do??? She was just a 5 year old girl….

Here what MY friend has to say….

Another horrifying incident of Rape. Rape defined as sexual assault of a person without that person’s consent. Does that mean only physical assault is rape?? Girls are being raped everyday, everywhere not only physically but emotionally as well as mentally….girls are being in raped in the name of relationship, in the name of friendship, in the name love….it’s time for all the guys to rethink how do they define rape??? is it only the physical assault without the girls consent or is it also about hurting their friends (gf) in the name of friendship or love ……. Guys I am sorry for being judgmental about guys attitude towards girls…but this thought has come after hearing so many stories from girls where they are being emotionally raped because of guys attitude towards girls …in 90% of cases a guy leaves the girl either because of his indecisiveness or just because the guy just does not feel like going ahead without any reason but he still maintains intimate relationship with girl … this not raping a girl emotionally??? …So guys if you are protesting against rape cases just think you have or you are not raping any girl emotionally………

Men should b killed….shot at sight…

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4 Responses to Is being a girl a CURSE these Days…WHY DO YOU TREAT US AS A SEX OBJECT

  1. Rob says:

    We need more “real men” to stand up and be counted: rape is ALWAYS wrong.

    • Panchtapa says:

      But these days so called hetrosexual men keep raping women on emotional grounds. Indian men are pathetic.

      • Rob says:

        It’s a cultural issue. That is not to suggest that the men are any less culpable. But we need to find a way forward. Attack the problem from both sides: keep publicising and agitating so as to undermine the tourist income; and press on mothers the importance of teaching their sons proper respect for women.

  2. Panchtapa says:

    True. I agree with you.

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