The word Baby with difference

Have you ever noticed your feeling while calling “BABY” to anyone? I bet there are many babies in your life 😀

Well, we often use this word for our friends, boyfriends or girlfriends. What kind of feeling do you have while using this word “BABY”.  Yeah, its a very dramatic word patched with various feelings. Think yourself for a minute and repeat the word BABY with different expressions. common call out baby with different expressions. You will get what I mean :p

I bet it is the word used mostly after F*** 🙂 Think!!!

But the moment you caLL your beloved as BABY… even if he or she is beyond description ( fat, ugly, pencil thin)…the word BABY does wonders to them… The word BABY is priceless for them unlike the word F***. You will simply love to hear that word BABY…over and over again:)

TRY IT and create wonder

About PGC

A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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One Response to The word Baby with difference

  1. Monika Amita Bakshi says:

    Haa haa haa 😀 so much agree!

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