Why have you made me Black?

Oh! it is summer again. Where should I go? It is equally hot inside. I hate summers.

People are mistaken by my physique. Even she thinks that I can stay out for long and can guard her house. So what if I am tall, fat, and black. I am not so strong. You can not rely on me because I am still a baby at heart and like to stay inside in an air conditioned room always. 

Everyone like my lustrous black hair. They say I look darn handsome in black colour. Yes I know that and that’s my USP. But please, step into my shoes and feel the heat that I always feel. Don’t you know that black colour is a very good heat observant? Yeah, I know I have beautiful shiny black colour  but they are kinda curse to me because I live in a place which is near to equator.

I am always restless and I go berserk during long power cuts. I need AC right on top of my head. And when I look at my neighbor next door, I always ask to god “Why did you make me  black? She is blond. You could have made me blond too.” 

Hey…wait wait…I am not human like you. I am a bird retriever. I am a Labrador, a black Labrador.


About PGC

A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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