I stay as a paying guest with a family. That family has a black Labrador as a family member. His name is Ranger. He looks handsome and is a teetotaler with a well-built body, black silky and shiny fur and very expressive eyes.


No, I will not call him a dog because I think he is a human soul trapped in a dog’s body. I really wonder if I share my room with a kid or a dog. He understand’s my language so well and adheres to my instruction just like any human would do. And when he is no mood to listen, he will just not listen. On top of it, at times he snores like an adult that makes us impossible to sleep. Not only this, he even farts. Ehhh! that stinky smell has woken me up from my deep sleep several times.

He is a foodie just like me but aunty, his ADOPTED HUMAN mother, say’s not to feed him just anything. That greedy dog will keep looking at me if I am eating anything.. And then my dialog is ” You greedy dog…go from here” But he would not listen.

Last evening, it rained like cats and dogs here. I was back from my office and wanted to enjoy the monsoon rain. It’s seldom that Gurgaon receives such a rainfall. I was out on road and how I wished to run. I called my roommate but she didn’t join me. It was Ranger who threw open the front door and started running with me. Both of us ran and played for half an hour in that storm. we chased each other. I was SO..SO…SO…SO…SO…SO HAPPY. We continued playing for an hour or so. He was my best pal at that hour.

Later at night when we were sleeping, both of us were contended as we had enjoyed the natures gift. Both of us were at peace and very energetic.

Then I thought, whenever I need a company, I seldom find any human to do just what I want. Its Ranger who would share his company with me just the way I want. But when he wants my company, I almost never have time for him. This is me and I AM A HUMAN. I HATE TO BE HUMAN AT TIMES.

About PGC

A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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