Isn’t Our world (The Writers World) Better Than The Real One?

Being a writer, I create a world with my imagination.

For this world, I develop characters who are either being fantasized by others or are role models for some.

I create perfect scenes  which are not actually that perfect in real life  and most of us desperately want that scene to be perfect as written in their life.

I take them to places in this world which is full of natural beauty, fresh air, and other creatures. People seldom find such a place in reality because either they are very busy with their professional life or they simply ignore the essence of such a place in the world even if they are living in it.

Above all, I give them waves of emotions in the most channelized way which they hardly experience in real life because in this 21st century, I believe human being have turned into robots. They understand the binary language only.

Aren’t we as a writer, giving them a peaceful and beautiful world as a gift to which they want to be glued? Isn’t the world that we create for our readers better than their real one?

-Panchatapa Goswami

About PGC

A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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