When was last you had tears out of belly laughing?????

Heu bloggers…

I know its real tough to laugh when you are in your senses in this 21st century when u r occupied with your real time challenges  i.e. professional life.

So the best way is to sit with your pals….have some good drinks…arrive in the tipsy state…and start laughing.

I bet if you star, other will join and it will be tears in your eyes session due to your belly laugh…and might be a cop need to break the rhythem. Belive me.

I had this session several times and just few hrs back I had it… Its the best weekend therapy..

So Cheers!!

Have a great weekend friends.

BTW: m a bit tippsy so plz xcuse me for typok..i thought of sharing what i just had a grt kaughter seeeion

About PGC

A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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