When I am longing for you…you are already…

Dear Dady,

Hope you are fine at your new home with mother, your mother and father,  some of your brothers and other relatives.

Its been now 9 months that you have moved from our house. Yeah, I know the place where you were living was giving you a lot of trouble. Even we did not have much time to spend with you. You were old and we are young. You had endless free time and we didn’t even had time for your. Still we tried to give you a quality time wherever we could. But I even know that wasn’t enough.

You and mother imbibed good values in us since childhood and I am thankful for that. Today people around me respect me for the values that I carry in my life. I am happy and proud to be your daughter. You were the only one whom I always looked up to and knew that I have no worries till you are around.

And now that you are gone, how I wish to replay the older days and rectify all mistakes that I had committed to hurt you. I want to delete those moments when I had yelled at you or did not fulfil your wish to accompany you to a doctor’s clinic.

How I wish to take you to a sweets shop and eat samosa and chaye together.How I wish to go on a lonoooong walk with you every evenings even if I was dog tired. How I wish I had not forgotten those moments when you answered to all my questions deligently when I was a child and walked  with me for several hours when I was learning to walk.

Now, when I recall our old days together and I don’t see you around, I want you to come back to us. But I am also aware of the fact that the wish is not going to be fulfilled ever now, because you have already begun your new journey of life, somewhere in this world, with different people, with different name and relations.

So, I only pray that wherever you are now, in whichever family, in any part of the world, may you get a lot of love from people around you and give the same in return just the way you did in this life time.

You have moved ahead leaving us behind. Hope to see you soon in your lifetime 🙂

Till then….Cheers!!

Your’s loving daughter

About PGC

A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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