Your City Has a Great Role in Your Life

I don’t know if you believe it or not but your city plays a great role in your psychological growth. What you think and where you currently are in terms of capital, in influenced by your city. Well, this is my observation and opinion. You may agree or disagree to it.

Recently, I visited another city which is also one of the metros in India. Being from the national capital, I could feel huge infrastructural difference. My place, Delhi, is advanced and beautiful for sure compared to other metros in India. I feel so because life is very easy there.

Okay, that’s not what I was discussing here in this blog. 

As Delhi is a rich state, so you could see big size cars on road and big houses with beautiful exteriors. Moreover, a common man out here would think of buying a SUV. Buying or not buying is not a question, but capable of thinking that much is worth of thinking and observing. If they think of buying SUV, they would certainly end up buying any car worth of 5 million.

In contrast, when I visit small cities that don’t have much higher infrastructure, people don’t have guts to think high. 

The basic structure of how you think, what you plan  is laid by your city. 


About PGC

A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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