Racism in Animals or Plants?

All of us are victims of racism in our life time. There are man made clans, such as Asians, Blacks, and whites. OMG! doesn’t it sounds like human breeds? Hey wat’s your breed? Mine is Asian and wat’s yours??

Of course it does and that is what we practice, isn’t it?

Prime targets are Asians wherever they go, be it Australia, America, Africa (I am not sure of Africa!).

So, now I wonder, when we export or import animals, do they speak our language like hey you Asian dog or hey you American bitch or hey you African chimp etc…Think of it! To give you a bigger picture, think about the communication in a zoo or a national park where animals are brought from different parts of the world? Common use your brain or may be the way you might have ever discriminated someone like that. I am sure you must not have 🙂

Aren’t we human beings, so why racism? Why this disparity? 

Forget the practice of racism in the world, we face it here in India among Indians like hey you north Indian, you tambi or you mallu, chinki and wat not????

Aren’t we learned or we don’t have common sense?

About PGC

A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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