The Homosexuals

Homosexuals…I am sure this word must have grabbed your attention. And no, there is no grammatical mistake if I have added ‘The’ before it because they are certainly definate in our society. I guess a very few people have accepted it worldwide so far… and for rest, it is still a curse or a taboo.

Today I had been to an International Queer Film Festival held in Bangalore. The Sri Lankan movie I saw about homosexuality had a happy ending. I liked it but my friends didn’t. Oh! one among my friend was a gay from the U.S.A, a super power country. They said that the homosexual couples certainly don’t have a happy ending. 

They have a happy ending or not, that is not my concern because in most of the cases even straight don’t have a happy ending. Yes, if you come to India, there is a concept of honour killing in the northern part of India If couples don’t belong to the same caste, the lower caste person is killed by the higher caste.  So…story finished…pheww

But what I saw today in homosexual couples, raised a few questions in my mind.

Q1. Are straight relations so dedicated and intense as homosexual relations?

Q2. Are straight couples so carefree about society like homosexual couples?

Q3. Are straight couples so passionate about each other as homosexual couples?

I really doubt :(…..

So, I think we must learn:

1. Dedication from homosexual couples.

2. Passion from homosexual couples.

3. Dare to fight against all odds to stay together from homosexual couples.

4. Love…love…love…love and only love from them.

My friends, it is my humble request to respect homosexuality and accept it. If your son or daughter is homosexual and wants to marry his/her partner, please don’t play a negative role. Learn from them and let them live their life. 🙂

Happy world and happy living.

With lot of love and respect.


About PGC

A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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