Did I miss My Virtual world?

Hi peers,

Its been long I have been away from blogging. Actually its been a journey since I stopped blogging till now.

One day I found myself glued online to the virtual world. I analyzed that had no life in the real world apart from chores. I also analyzed that I had no crush on real man apart from those I met online (mostly fake) and I had no fun on the real world.

My analysis helped me to decided to become ancient and say good bye to computer or the Internet rather and live in the real world to notice the unnoticed. Did my life had a difference after that? How was I attracted to the real world again?

1. I changed my looks by changing my  hair style and wardrobe that was due since 2-3 years.

2. I started noticing men who looked at me and smiled at them.

3. I started attending ladies night out or pyjama parties with my girlfriends.

4. I started bag packing often and traveled my favourite cities. Jaipur being on the top list.

5. I kept myself open to flirt (like mindedly) and to meet guys to find my Mr. right in the real world.

6. I switched to paper books and carried them every where possible. They became my best friends.

7. I started using pencil and paper to write. Now, I have a diary of poems, short stories, important spiritual notes.

8. I have a colourful collection of stationaries that excites me.

9. I have a life outside technology because I have time to introspect and retrospect.

10. I have a loving and wonderful husband/friend and I have learned to keep my personal life as personal and not public. I have started living in the real world.

So, at the end of the day, do I really miss this Virtual World?

Cheers to my ancienthood.

About PGC

A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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