“Words” are the most beautiful weapon

Last night I was again watching the movie “Troy”. I must have watched this movie n number of times. And every time I hear the dialogue that the mother says to son ” If you go to Troy, your name will be written in history forever. You will be remembered forever.  And if you stay back, you will find a woman, have children and you will die. They will remember you. Then they will have children, and they will remember you for a while.  And you will be gone forever”,  I feel joy,  motivated and inspired.

Aren’t these words which were delivered in a soft tone giving a message? I find this dialogue soft and logical way of motivation. The message is, don’t flow with the wind, choose your way and lead others. Be different from the flock.

Similarly, another dialogue from the film “Invictus” is also very inspiring. The dialogue is Forgiveness is the beginning of reconciliation“.  I have made this line a mantra of my life. I have forgiven many people in my family who have acted as a poison for me at times. And they have realised  what they had done and are still guilty. But then realisation is the medicine  of all sin, isn’t it?

So ,my friends, as I said, words are the most beautiful weapon in your life. Choose them wisely in your day-to-day life and see miracles. Your message will be conveyed :).

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A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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