You are out of business if you are not in social media!

Today one headline in a newspaper caught my attention. It said that one national radio channel is hiring youth and many employees are retiring (I guess asked to leave) because they are not a social media pro or rather, the Internet pro.

I believe the people who work there are from the 19th century, which means they must be 1950 or 1960 people. Its been a journey for them, isn’t it? In India, they have seen many thing coming and dominating our lives. The Internet and social media is one of them.

But why do we need social media for radio channel. People were listening to it even in the 19th century and earlier. People are still listening to them. But yes, now most of the radio stations have been commercialised. I hardly get to listen to a complete song and the radio jokey would interrupt with all non sense. But then they are getting paid for it.

I think in the 21st century people are racing. To reach where???? What’s the race about? Is it about being a techno freak?

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A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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