What is your opinion about meetings/presentations at office?

Hey everyone,

Have you ever wondered how you feel when you are in a meeting/presentation?

Whenever I attend meetings/presentations in office, I am always lost unless I am shot with a question ” Did you understand?”in the mid of meeting/presentation out of no where. And then I grasp for breath thinking what the hell should I understand. What waqs the agenda of this meeting/presentation. And the look of the presenter with an expectation of getting a  brief of my understanding, is more nostalgic.

Seriously, my attention frequency is just as Carl Jung or any great psychcologist has determined, 7 to 10 seconds. And then I am gone…to far places…thinking about my probabilities or trying to find out a philosophy out of nowhere or more interestingly dissecting the presenter or the core person of the meeting.

The more difficult is when you are on the other side of the table. Today I had a presentation at 14.oo p,m. Think…a presentation just after lunch.

We Indians love to eat and sleep, no matter where and when. As I was presenting and looking at people’s eye, I could actually see through many. They were just blank as I am when I am at their seat. No matter how I tried involving them, except one or two, rest were travelling somewhere and had left their eyes on me (deliberately).

Now that excites me.

Think, so many people are sailing in their thoughts at the same time, and if we accumulate what they are thinking,then  we will certainly get the pivot point of their lives during/around that time. We will see a different world and varied things inside that small meeting room.  Who knows many would have been scanning you top to bottom and in and out, your dress, your wrinkles and what not. So you may get a report card on yourself as well. Isn’t that exciting?

So the crux is, as our attention span is less, we should try to utilise that span fruitfully. Well trainers are good at that and thats the reason they are getting paid for.  But are you a trainer???

Remember, perhaps eyes are with you in the meeting and but the brain are far away….:p

About PGC

A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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