The World is so Biased and I am Becoming a Misanthropist

Yes, the more I know human, the more I am moving forward to become a misanthropist.

Recently, the following image is in circulation on Facebook.


How did you feel after looking at it?

What kind of emotions are flooding you?

What is that you want to do now?

Perhaps, just give it a pass!

Well, the moment I saw this image, I felt a torrent attack of sad and helpless emotions. I am sad..very sad because this image gave me two sleepless nights.  The very thought of a child dying out of starvation and on the other hand, other wasting  quintiles of food in his/her lifetime, was my first thought.

Why to go far! I was the one who used to waste foods until I learnt about the other part of the world, hungry world… and started sharing as much as I can. But even I am not opulent and cannot fulfil everyones hunger or need. But still, I try as and when I can.

But isn’t it sad or a matter of concern, that when people of a particular section are progressing,  the people of other section are dying with hunger. Forget about progress, they don’t even have the basic necessities of life i.e. shelter, food and health.

Who is responsible for their basic necessities? Is it government?

May be yes, but in a country like India, where the population is uncontrollable and where corruption is in genes, do you think any government can really help them?

I think No.

In other way round, we as a human, who is born with psycho brain, and who is a superior animal, what are each one of us doing?

Ask yourself! What is your contribution towards humanity? Forget about society. Society is full of hypocrites and opportunists.

I think, if each one of us realise that we are human, and we are born with compassion and empathy towards each other, possibly the load and grief of the other section of the world will get better. If not fast then may be slowly but certainly it would someday get better.

Let’s stop blaming any government and understand that we are human. Because if we don’t do so now, then may be  sometime in a lifetime, when you introspect, you will certainly hate yourself…for being a human.

Today, I don’t hate myself because I do as much as I can. And unfortunately, what I do is nothing to help so many. My contribution is really less. We need more people to do a little to help them and together we can make that section happy.

But the more I know other humans and their views, the more I have started hating them.

Before I turn up into a complete misanthropist, I believe that many of us will come forward to do their duties as a human. The ones who are compassionate and the one who have empathy.

About PGC

A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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2 Responses to The World is so Biased and I am Becoming a Misanthropist

  1. Manoj says:

    Nice thoughts!!! We all need to think on it seriously and work it out to make it happen.

  2. mekhla basu says:

    Panch, I am touched by your sensitivity. Indeed, this is the hard truth of the world. There is inequality everywhere, not just malnutritioned children. Inequality exists as much as in gender, skin colour, sexual orientation, diversity as there is between rich and poor. Which basically means, that the world will continue to be such, for a long time to come. The only way, difference, can be made is at an individual level, with every individual. Imagine, if all those who had means helped at least one who didn’t, a lot of this inequality can be bridged.
    Where, how we are born is not the issue, the real issue is exactly what you changed for better? How we use our means? After reading your article, I am certainly more conscious. To “help” children without many privileges, I didn’t go far- it was restricted to my house help, driver etc. But yes the need to “reach out” is more than ever before after reading your blog. Please keep writing and provoking people to get out of their comfort zones…..

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