If we care a little for them

Unlike other countries, most of the people in urban India, especially in metros such as Delhi or Bangalore, are very engrossed in “I” factor. They not only overlook their human neighbours but also other species in their ecosystem such as stray dogs, cats and birds.


Thirsty dogs running from this corner to that corner of a street in search of water is a normal scene. A few are lucky to quench their thirst from dirty drain water. I wonder how it would taste? And where will they find an open drain in such big cities! Isn’t water a basic need of living being or only human have right for it?

But look who is writing about it?

Despite of observing what they are deprived of, what have I done to resolve their issue? Yes, I have done nothing other than showing sympathy. No, that’s not true. I do feed some of the dogs near my office, here and there whenever possible. But what about water?

I assume, if I keep water in a bucket or any vessel on street, someone will definitely steal it.Yes, in India, there is a high possibility of such theft. However, I have seen shopkeeper in Delhi, storing water in a tumbler outside their shop for stray cows and dogs. Some of them even feed them thinking that it is good karma and will earn them good fortune in return.

But I used to keep water in a bowl for pigeons at my verandah that also hosted small and lovely green garden. And I served them variety of breakfast everyday. I noticed that they don’t have any etiquette of eating food. Bunch of pigeons would pounce on each other to get a grip of grain in their beak and lynching tiny saplings under their claws. Those were the sapling that I had nurtured,  sang songs to and have spoken to them. Those bunch of hooligan pigeons, made a grave of my beautiful little saplings. Shall I give them food then? Thus, it became a fight of self defense. It is an animal instinct of saving one’s house.And I am an animal too.

The battle of observation and action still continues.








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2 Responses to If we care a little for them

    • PGC says:

      Yeah seems almost every nation is split into two; for the government and against the government. Sadly in India, the NDA government has started calling the other as anti-nationalist or terrorist…huh all hooligans are running the country here

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