Do I Have Wisdom!

Who am I?

You are an animal, a social animal, a very recent specie. You were born with wisdom, which has evaporated with your daily battles for livelihood or may have rotten after not being used…at all.

How can you say that I don’t have wisdom at all? I am intelligent, a graduate and a super achiever! 

Wisdom has nothing to do with intelligence. It is applying your knowledge for good and bad. It has nothing to do with education because it is a basic instinct.

Had you have wisdom, you would not have fought with your partner, you would not have cribbed over and over for what you don’t have, you would have known how much is enough for mankind for a comfortable life and would have saved us all by saving the EARTH, you would not have become a puppet for capitalists, opportunists and politicians, you could have stopped a life being hungry day-and-night and….

You can fill these dots only if you have wisdom…left in you….

Yes, I accept I don’t have wisdom. How can I get wisdom?

Just think, what is good and what is bad, for you and for all. Don’t give up on anything, strive hard to be victorious by learning what is good and what is bad and by changing yourself because you control your environment.

I change, therefore, the world change!




About PGC

A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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