What’s that the world need in 21st century?

Are you aware about your neighborhood, your city, your country, your continent and your Earth? No..don’t leave this page just like that in case you are…because you have been online since morning perhaps!


Have you ever calculated how much time do you spend online in a day by any means like either your phone or computer? And how much information are you gathering in a day??? Is your brain able to process all? Not mine! Perhaps because I am 35-year-old…


So let’s make a list of what is trending in the 21st century as per my knowledge (you can add more after all it will boost your blog too :p)

  1. Social media which I think has made people unsocial in real life but has definitely boosted marketing and branding strategy Note: It has also increased crime, especially towards female
  2. English language which I think is becoming a common language across the globe after globalisation. This is the need for time. Even countries like Japan, that never entertained anything foreign,  has not only opened its door for foreigners but have also given a respectable place to the language. Hence, it could be a language that might result in convergence of all culture in due course. Well on the other hand, English as a global language is also resulting in language imperialism (term coined by my in line with colonisation).  It is more of corporate now than of a country. For example in India, parents would teach English to their child than their mother tongue. Spoken and written English has become a mandate in most of the families else they would be left out in the race.
  3. Power and Money which I think is dancing on most of the people’s head. Of course capitalism will fail without that. 21st century is all about making as much money as possible  and showing its power to others. Isn’t there is a visible race of becoming richest in country and in the world. Thanks to the mortgage culture, a chick is able to buy an expensive car and a villa while he/she has learnt just to spread wings. And the mortgage package gives them stress and liability as a free gift.The easy calculation they have in finger tips is – I am paying the amount that I had to use for rent as my EMI. But have they calculated how much extra they are paying for their asset? Anyway that’s a personal choice. But on hind side, the person who has taken a loan has become an invisible bonded labour. Note Power and money has also given the rich full right to commit a crime and walk out free.
  4. Hatred and change in human behaviour which I think has grown over the years. Yes there is a reason behind it. Our current lifestyle could be a reason. Stress is so high. To release stress, people have become dependent on various things like drugs and so on .And when the stress is at peak, it shows through their insane behaviour. Do you agree that these killings, rapes could be the outcome of hatred?
  5. Missing wisdom, compassion and humanity I really don’t see any of these around me. Also people have become very insensitive towrds other living being. And it hurts.      #panch



About PGC

A writer, philosopher and a philenthroper
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