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Do I Have Wisdom!

Who am I? You are an animal, a social animal, a very recent specie. You were born with wisdom, which has evaporated with your¬†daily battles for livelihood or may have rotten after not being used…at all. How can you say … Continue reading

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The World is so Biased and I am Becoming a Misanthropist

Yes, the more I know human, the more I am moving forward to become a misanthropist. Recently, the following image is in circulation on Facebook. How did you feel after looking at it? What kind of emotions are flooding you? … Continue reading

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What is your opinion about meetings/presentations at office?

Hey everyone, Have you ever wondered how you feel when you are in a meeting/presentation? Whenever I attend meetings/presentations in office, I am always lost unless I am shot with a question ” Did you understand?”in the mid of meeting/presentation … Continue reading

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You are out of business if you are not in social media!

Today one headline in a¬†newspaper caught my attention. It said that one national radio channel is hiring youth and many employees are retiring (I guess asked to leave) because they are not a social media pro or rather, the Internet … Continue reading

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