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If we care a little for them

Unlike other countries, most of the people in urban India, especially in metros such as Delhi or Bangalore, are very engrossed in “I” factor. They not only overlook their human neighbours but also other species in their ecosystem such as … Continue reading

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The World is so Biased and I am Becoming a Misanthropist

Yes, the more I know human, the more I am moving forward to become a misanthropist. Recently, the following image is in circulation on Facebook. How did you feel after looking at it? What kind of emotions are flooding you? … Continue reading

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“Words” are the most beautiful weapon

Last night I was again watching the movie “Troy”. I must have watched this movie n number of times. And every time I hear the dialogue that the mother says to son ” If you go to Troy, your name will be … Continue reading

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Isn’t Our world (The Writers World) Better Than The Real One?

Being a writer, I create a world with my imagination. For this world, I develop characters who are either being fantasized by others or are role models for some. I create perfect scenes  which are not actually that perfect in … Continue reading

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Right To Live We are neighbors, We have a common ecosystem. If I am not invading your house Then why are you? You are an animal So, am I. You breath, And so do I. If you have the RIGHT … Continue reading

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I can’t get rid of my Weakness …Plz Help

Hi All, All of us have some weakness, don’t we? The good thing is many of us know about it and many still have to discover it. Those who have discovered it are certainly very close to themselves and those … Continue reading

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Let us try to laugh

Everybody makes mistakes but only girlfriend,wife n boss have d gifted talent of finding them,remembering them n reminding them on right time

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