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If we care a little for them

Unlike other countries, most of the people in urban India, especially in metros such as Delhi or Bangalore, are very engrossed in “I” factor. They not only overlook their human neighbours but also other species in their ecosystem such as … Continue reading

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Egypt Does the word fascinates you??…….Thinking!!! How about ancient Egypt…very ancient…BC…2300 BC???….Never thought about it!!! Do you know what it was called around 2300 BC?? ….No, I bet!!! Any idea what these images depicts???…..Perhaps yes!!! Thanks for reading this…more to … Continue reading

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Haunting Noise

I kept running here and there This room to that room My house to her house But noise left me not for a second. Nowhere to escape I sat on my commode…at last In that silence I could hear the … Continue reading

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Love Me

Love me not for what I am Love me not for who I am but love me for my invisible side That is aloof That is hidden … I am someone who you may not like I am someone whom … Continue reading

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The World is so Biased and I am Becoming a Misanthropist

Yes, the more I know human, the more I am moving forward to become a misanthropist. Recently, the following image is in circulation on Facebook. How did you feel after looking at it? What kind of emotions are flooding you? … Continue reading

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What is your opinion about meetings/presentations at office?

Hey everyone, Have you ever wondered how you feel when you are in a meeting/presentation? Whenever I attend meetings/presentations in office, I am always lost unless I am shot with a question ” Did you understand?”in the mid of meeting/presentation … Continue reading

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How to become a DINOSAUR?

You can become a DINOSAUR ┬áin easy steps: 1. Get back to old mind set (traditional or 19th century) 2. Throw your Smartphone out of the window 3. Start using Pen and Paper 4. Start using landline phone 5. Meet … Continue reading

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