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Love Me

Love me not for what I am Love me not for who I am but love me for my invisible side That is aloof That is hidden … I am someone who you may not like I am someone whom … Continue reading

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The World is so Biased and I am Becoming a Misanthropist

Yes, the more I know human, the more I am moving forward to become a misanthropist. Recently, the following image is in circulation on Facebook. How did you feel after looking at it? What kind of emotions are flooding you? … Continue reading

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How to become a DINOSAUR?

You can become a DINOSAUR  in easy steps: 1. Get back to old mind set (traditional or 19th century) 2. Throw your Smartphone out of the window 3. Start using Pen and Paper 4. Start using landline phone 5. Meet … Continue reading

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India’s Ruling Political Family History…what a shame

This is the current facebook wall post fever in India.  I want every one to dedicate 5 minutes to read this article!! People please share this!! This should reach as many as possible!! Let us all know how much had … Continue reading

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